October 10, 2018


Wondering why you should trust God? Are all religions the same? Has science disproved God? Where is God when life hurts? And, discovering who I really am!

Engage – Youth Apologetics Summer Camp! Seeking together to find answers for all your questions!

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn, have fun and make new friends! Limited spots available for only 70 campers.
This is a camp primarily for the youth aged 13-16, but to include a wider age group we are extending this age range for ages 12-18.

Camp fees are $449 + HST (Total of $507.37) however to make it easier for more of the youth to attend, we are currently offering a 20% discount thus making the fees $360 + HST (Total of $406.8)

David is our Camp Director and the onsite camp contact at 416-709-5383


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If you have questions regarding the camp, please feel free to call us on 416-998-3929 or email us at info@anchorretreatcentre.com


An initial version of the camp program:


Our Guest Speakers:

Logan Gates

Logan Gates is an Itinerant Speaker with RZIM Canada. He earned a master’s degree in theology at the University of Oxford alongside two years of study at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. Logan’s passion is to help others encounter God by exploring the big questions in life.
Topics he often tackles include “Why believe anything?”, “Jesus: man, myth, or more?”, “Why would a loving God judge me?,” and “Finding unity in a culture of division.” Logan also speaks Spanish and French and has spoken at universities and churches both in Canada and abroad. He lives in Toronto where he loves to surf, drink tea, and cook with his lovely new bride, Samantha.


Alycia Woods

Alycia Wood graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College with a degree in Criminal Justice and from Marygrove College with a Master’s in Social Justice. She also graduated from the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and spent two years as a Fellow with RZIM in New England. Alycia’s speaking background is quite diverse. From universities (such as MIT, UCONN, Harvard, University of Massachusetts, Boston University, Dartmouth College, and Brown University), to retreats, from conferences to men’s and women’s prisons, Alycia has addressed major issues surrounding faith to diverse audiences.
Additionally, she has traveled to countries such as Haiti, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica, volunteering at soup kitchens and orphanages as her passions for “showing Christ” extends beyond her local environment. In her spare time, Alycia enjoys music and is a lover of all things football and hockey.